Effect of daylight saving time on lighting energy use: A literature review

MBC Aries, GR Newsham - Energy Policy, 2008 - Elsevier
... Studies that have looked at real system-wide energy use before and after clock changes have
experienced great difficulty in isolating the effect of ... Effects of daylight saving time on California
electricity use. ... Sleep deficit, fatal accidents, and the spring shift to daylight savings time. ...

Does daylight saving time save energy? Evidence from a natural experiment in Indiana

MJ Kotchen, LE Grant - Review of Economics and Statistics, 2011 - MIT Press
... ties either practiced DST for all the years 2004 through 2006 or had no change in clock time during
the ... DOES DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME SAVE ENERGY? ... counties during November and December
2006, when and where there is the confounding effect of a time-zone change. ...

Daylight time and energy: Evidence from an Australian experiment

R Kellogg, H Wolff - Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2008 - Elsevier
... 2. Background on daylight saving time in Australia. ... However, because the extension of DST
appears to merely shift the peak load from the evening to the morning, rather ... idh for each
observation is the logarithm of electricity demand in state i, day d, and half-hour h (in clock time). ...

The impact on energy consumption of daylight saving clock changes

SI Hill, F Desobry, EW Garnsey, YF Chong - Energy Policy, 2010 - Elsevier
... Energy usage in California and analysis based on a change in the timing of the daylight saving
time shift. ... during the periods of the day most liable to be affected by the shift in clock ... from nearby
times of year to indicate what power consumption to anticipate given a clock change. ...

The effect of daylight saving time options on electricity consumption of Turkey

S Karasu - Energy, 2010 - Elsevier
... sun-based schedule works best when the rest of the world is on a standard clock. ... is authorized
to determine the start and end dates for DST not exceeding a shift of 1 ... The amount of electricity
saved by using daylight saving time is reportedly equal to the annual production of a ...

The impact of daylight saving time on electricity consumption: Evidence from southern Norway and Sweden

FM Mirza, O Bergland - Energy policy, 2011 - Elsevier
... This downward scale shift cannot be attributed solely to the daylight saving time change due
to ... This suggests that alarms get people up at the same clock time before and after leading to ... for
month to pick up month specific impacts and dummy for changes in daylight saving time. ...

Does extending daylight saving time save energy? Evidence from an Australian experiment

R Kellogg, H Wolff - 2007 - papers.ssrn.com
... section 7 concludes by summarizing our main results and providing policy implications. 2.
Background on Daylight Saving Time in Australia ... rather than clock time. ... predict demand in the
event of a one-hour time shift, lagging the weather and light variables appropriately. ...

Performance model for parabolic trough solar thermal power plants with thermal storage: Comparison to operating plant data

IL García, JL Álvarez, D Blanco - Solar Energy, 2011 - Elsevier
... Example of simulation results for a summer day (July 6th) for the plant considered in ... savings can
be taken into consideration by providing a list of specific daylight savings clock change times
for a ... time to the times in that list we can determine whether daylight savings applies or ...

[PDF][PDF] Impact of extended daylight saving time on national energy consumption

DB Belzer, SW Hadley, SM Chin - US Dept. of Energy, 2008 - energy.gov
... businesses and households maintain their daily schedules (with respect to clock time) after the ...
Daylight Saving Time also provides people with the opportunity to pursue more outdoor activities
during the ... Shift and reduction in electricity use may change the type and quantity of ...

The impact of the daylight saving time on electricity consumption—A case study from Jordan

MA Momani, B Yatim, MAM Ali - Energy Policy, 2009 - Elsevier
... Starting from 2003, the end of DST application was shifted from end of September to middle and
end of October. ... The amount of the daylight saving due to this process depends on the sunrise
and sunset time as well as on the time when the customers go to ... Summer, Winter, Avg. ...

Factors influencing water heating energy use and peak demand in a large scale residential monitoring study

MT Anello, MP Bouchelle, DS Parker - 2000 - oaktrust.library.tamu.edu
... April clearly shows the shift in timing of water heating load imposed by Daylight ... Meanwhile, the
heat ex- change loop has insufficient time to capture any useful heat and ... Electrical Usage and
Demand Reduction using Reduced Element Sizes and Time Clock Controls," ASHRAE ...

The short and long run effects of daylight saving time on fatal automobile crashes

N Sood, A Ghosh - The BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 2007 - degruyter.com
... 5 Sood and Ghosh: Daylight Saving Time and Fatal Automobile Crashes ... 2003 might be different
than crashes on prior and subsequent Mondays not only due to the shift to DST ... higher crashes
during the first week of a month compared to other weeks then the change in crashes ...

Analysis of impact of daylight time savings on energy use of buildings in Kuwait

M Krarti, A Hajiah - Energy policy, 2011 - Elsevier
... The use of DST by turning the clock forward in the spring and back in the fall is known as
the Uniform Time Act of 1966. ... Several parts of the world observe Daylight Saving Time. ... This
change can be easily made through a programmable thermostat. • ...

Year-round daylight saving time will save more energy in India than corresponding DST or time zones

DR Ahuja, DP SenGupta - Energy policy, 2012 - Elsevier
... However, switching on of lights is determined by ambient lighting and not by the clock, ie, all
activities (and therefore the ... Year, Advance IST, Daylight saving time, ... in YRDST are available
throughout the year even for half-hour, whereas the savings from one-hour shift are available ...

Energy savings from advancing the Indian Standard Time by half an hour.

DR Ahuja, DP Gupta… - Current Science ( …, 2007 - search.ebscohost.com
... caused mainly by water and space heating during winter will not change by advancing ... This is
one reason why an hour's shift, as considered by Natarajan et al. ... 2. Prerau, D., Seize the Daylight:
The Curious and Contentious Story of Daylight Saving Time, Thunder's Mouth Press ...

Saving time

M Hopkin - Nature, 2007 - nature.com
... and her colleagues compared the energy consumption only in the weeks directly on either side
of a clock change, as the ... Previous experiments with daylight-saving changes have not exactly
borne that out. ... In the United States, Congress approved the shift in their DST last year. ...

Signature analysis calibration of a school energy model using hourly data

AE Kandil, JA Love - Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 2014 - Taylor & Francis
... in this is the much larger amount of data and number of times for which ... The fourth group is still
emergent; at the time of writing, no follow up implementation of ... http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/
buildings/energyplus/pdfs/engineeringreference.pdf View all references) an EnergyPlus ...

[BOOK][B] Mechanical and electrical equipment for buildings

WT Grondzik, AG Kwok - 2014 - books.google.com
... Indoor Air Quality 134 5.4 Zoning for IAQ 136 5.5 Passive and Low‐Energy Approaches for ... 167
6.1 The Sun and Its Position 167 6.2 Solar versus Clock Time 170 6.3 True South ... 10.4 10.5 10.6
10.7 10.8 Brief History 337 Design Strategies for Cooling 338 Summer Heat Gain ...

Time well spent: An economic analysis of daylight saving time legislation

SP Calandrillo, DE Buehler - Wake Forest L. Rev., 2008 - HeinOnline
... that Congress should extend daylight saving time year round, since problems associated with
the time shift "have everything ... Suzanne McGonagle, Remember to Put Your Clock Back Winter
Time Begins: The History of the Gained Hour ... BENEFITS OF DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ...

US East Coast offshore wind energy resources and their relationship to peak‐time electricity demand

MJ Dvorak, BA Corcoran, JE Ten Hoeve… - … Energy, 2013 - Wiley Online Library
... Even though mesoscale winds dominate during these summer months, occasional moderate
synoptic-scale westerly breezes ... Climate change could also affect the wind resource off the USEC. ...
Six months' worth of example validation time series for three buoys (a–c) and three ...

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