Student price response in higher education: The student demand studies

LL Leslie, PT Brinkman - The Journal of Higher Education, 1987 - Taylor & Francis
... The necessary standardization process for the student demand stud- ies is complex arithmetically
if not ... rates among 18-24-year-olds as a result of a $100 higher education price increase. ... studies
report student response to price change in another form, the price elasticity of de ...

Tuition elasticity of the demand for higher education among current students: A pricing model

GA Bryan, TW Whipple - The Journal of Higher Education, 1995 - Taylor & Francis
... The slope of the function is in- terpreted as the tuition price elasticity coefficient and can be seen
to ... 2Demand theory as applied to higher education suggests that enrollment rates are negatively
associated with tuition prices, thus the elasticity of demand is negative [13 ...

[PDF][PDF] The demand for higher education in the US 1927-72; the public and private institutions

JE Hight - The Journal of Human Resources, 1975 - JSTOR
... In columns (3) and (4) of Table 2, the regression coefficients of lnT, are direct estimates of the
sum of the own price and cross price elasticity terms in ... 9. Thomas D. Hopkins. "Higher Education
Enrollment Demand." Economic Inquiry 12 (March 1974): 53-65. 10. ...

What factors influence state appropriations for public higher education in the United States?

AA Okunade - Journal of Education Finance, 2004 - JSTOR
... corrected simultaneous equation system framework, suggests that the tax price elasticity of
demand for ... budget item to which compet ing expenditures, including higher education, must
adjust.23 ... The heightened public demand for crime prevention and tougher sentencing (ie ...

[PDF][PDF] A Theory of the Allocation of Time

GS Becker - The economic journal, 1965 - JSTOR
... forgone earnings is the dominant private and an important social cost of both high-school and ...
as already mentioned, I have been concerned with the use of time in education, training and ...
University Press, 1962).) 2 See his The Supply of Labor and the Demand for Recreation ...

Uncertainty and the Welfare Economics of Medical Care (American Economic Review, 1963)

KJ Arrow - Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 2001 -
... much ingenuity would be needed to create a credit system for medical (and other branches of
higher) education. ... But it is almost surely true for medical care that the price elasticity of demand
for all income ... are 20 per cent of those by the poor, and the elasticity of demand for both ...

The demand for higher education in the Netherlands, 1950–1999

E Canton, F De Jong - Economics of Education Review, 2005 - Elsevier
... Leslie and Brinkman, 1987), this corresponds to a price elasticity of −0.73 ... Per capita income:
The average income in society can influence the demand for higher education when ... school is
a proxy for the opportunity costs associated with enrollment in a higher education program ...

The demand for higher education: Pennsylvania's nonresident tuition experience

A Noorbakhsh, D Culp - Economics of Education Review, 2002 - Elsevier
... According to demand theory, quantity demanded in this context is generally a function of System
tuition rates, tuition charged by competing institutions of higher education, and the income of
those households that make up the market. 2 Price elasticity of demand for State ...

Using panel data to examine legislative demand for higher education

RK Toutkoushian, P Hollis - Education Economics, 1998 - Taylor & Francis
... The estimated own price elasticity of - ... There is a positive relationship between the unemployment
rate and student demand for public higher education, which could represent the lower opportunity
cost of pursuing higher education as the rate of unemployment rises. ...

How do students choose a university?: an analysis of applications to universities in Ontario, Canada

T Drewes, C Michael - Research in Higher Education, 2006 - Springer
... The positive elasticity should not, therefore, be confused with a true price elasticity of demand ...
239–299. Leslie L., Brinkman P. (1987) Student price response: The student demand studies ...
Journal of Higher Education 58(2): 181–204CrossRefGoogle Scholar. Long BT (2004) How ...

Student price response in higher education: An update to Leslie and Brinkman

DE Heller - The Journal of Higher Education, 1997 - Taylor & Francis
... ie, that admission standards are unaffected by changes in price, then the price elasticity of the ...
terms, the poorer student would be described as having a more elastic demand for higher
education. ... Dp represents the demand curve of a poor student, and Dw the demand curve of ...

[PDF][PDF] Public choices in public higher education

JM Quigley, DL Rubinfeld - … of supply and demand in higher education, 1993 -
... For four-year colleges, the range ran from a low of 11.4 percent in Alaska to a high of 63.2 percent
in New Hampshire (with a mean of 28.3 percent). ... These results are apparently supply-side rather
than demand-side driven. ... 257 Public Choices in Public Higher Education ...

Tuition policy and the interstate migration of college students

JN Morgan - Research in Higher Education, 1983 - Springer
... Second, the coefficients for price elasticity of demand indicate that students considering attending ...
Jackson, G., and Weathersby, G. Individual demand for higher education-a ... Financial Statistics
of Institutions of Higher Education: Current Funds Revenues and Expenditures ...

Demand for education in China

GC Chow, Y Shen - International Economic Journal, 2006 - Taylor & Francis
... Partial evidence for low price elasticity can be found in the very large tuition (relative to the parents ...
For higher education, government revenue is an important explanatory variable. ... GDP since 1998
and had an important effect on the government component of demand for higher ...

The impact of tuition increases on enrollment at public colleges and universities

SW Hemelt, DE Marcotte - Educational Evaluation and Policy …, 2011 -
... Furthermore, as a matter of public policy, demand functions at public institutions are of primary ...
Four-year public institutions of higher education also vary widely in their enrollment numbers
over ... The price elasticity of 12-month headcount and total credit hours are significant and ...

Guide to reform of higher education: a European perspective

B Jacobs, F Van Der Ploeg - Economic Policy, 2006 -
... Many claim that the aggregate budget for higher education has not kept pace with the huge increase
in enrolment rates, so the government contribution per student has dropped ... 2.3. Increased demand
is met by larger public budgets, higher tuition rates or decreasing ...

Minority enrollment demand for higher education at historically Black colleges and universities from 1976 to 1998: An empirical analysis

M Sissoko, LR Shiau - The Journal of Higher Education, 2005 - Taylor & Francis
... McPherson (1978) obtained a median coefficient of price elasticity of about -0.7 from the estimates
of 10 studies he re- viewed. ... Federal policies and programs intended to either desegregate higher
education or increase the demand for college education may have af ...

Private tutoring and demand for education in South Korea

S Kim, JH Lee - Economic development and cultural change, 2010 -
... The 1980 and 1995 education reforms increased enrollment in higher education from about 1.5
million ... 18 Since we are mainly interested in the single household's demand for tutoring ... we
parameterize the preference regarding education with parameter θ i . The higher the value ...

The demand for education in public and private school systems

JE Stiglitz - Journal of public economics, 1974 - Elsevier
... is going to increase the demand for education at each ability level, by an amount depending
on the tax-price elasticity of the ... The corresponding income points of the higher ability individuals
are given by the dotted line, in fig. ... 380 JE Stiglitz, Demand for education school aE well. ...

The welfare cost of free public schools

J Sonstelie - Journal of Political Economy, 1982 -
... for public education, T), is greater than the absolute value of its price elasticity, E.5 ... Goldstein,
Gerald S., and Paulv, Mark V. "Tiebout Bias and the Demand for Local Public Goods ... of'
Government Subsidies-in-Kind on Private Expenditures: I'hFe Case of' Higher Education." JPE ...

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