Estimation of residential water demand: a state-of-the-art review

F Arbués, MÁ Garcıa-Valiñas… - The Journal of Socio- …, 2003 - Elsevier
... Table 2. Difference vs. income elasticities. Study, Difference elasticity, Income elasticity. Agthe
and Billings (1980), −0.112 to −0.412, 1.33–7.829. Billings and Agthe (1980), −0.123, Billings
(1982), −0.075 to −0.14, 1.68–2.14. Agthe et al. (1986), −0.14 to −0.25, ...

Price and income elasticities of residential water demand: a meta-analysis

JM Dalhuisen, RJGM Florax, HLF De Groot… - Land …, 2003 -
... estimates for price elasticities are excluded, yielding a sample of 124 observations, with a mean
price elastic- ity of ... Absolute Value Price Elasticity Linear Box-Cox Linear Box-Cox Linear
Box-Cox ... 79(2) Dalhuisen et al.: Price and Income Elasticities of Residential Water Demand ...

[PDF][PDF] Comparing residential water demand estimates under decreasing and increasing block rates using household data

ML Nieswiadomy, DJ Molina - Land Economics, 1989 - JSTOR
... Nieswiadomy and Molina: Residential Water Demand 285 TABLE 3 WATER DEMAND
for ... 0.26 0.31 0.58 0.70 PRICE- ELASTICITY -0.68* -0.09 - 0.36* INCOME- ELASTICITY 0.07 0.20 ...

Instrumental price estimates and residential water demand

CV Jones, JR Morris - Water Resources Research, 1984 - Wiley Online Library
... Elastic- ities associated with explanatory variables are listed by regression in Table 4 ... The income
elasticity estimates are centrally located in the range ob- served in previous studies ... income
variable representing subtractions from or additions to consumer income resulting from ...

[PDF][PDF] Privately operated water utilities, municipal price negotiation, and estimation of residential water demand: the case of France

C Nauges, A Thomas - Land Economics, 2000 - JSTOR
... Incorrect model specification often leads to severe biases in demand elasticities. ... In particular,
they emphasize the higher sensitivity of low- income households to an increase in the ... in order
to produce unbiased parameter esti- mates, hence unbiased price-elasticity esti- mates. ...

[PDF][PDF] An econometric analysis of residential electric appliance holdings and consumption

JA Dubin, DL McFadden - Econometrica: Journal of the Econometric Society, 1984 - JSTOR
... energy price increases between the time of housing choice and 1975, or an imperfectly elastic
housing market ... by the analogue of (27) with 4ej replaced by gas consumption (in KWH equivalents);
the elasticity of Pi ... Income less energy cost (chosen alternative)($) NETINC 16710 ...

The impact of price on residential water demand and its relation to system design and price structure

CW Howe, FP Linaweaver - Water Resources Research, 1967 - Wiley Online Library
... sprinkling demands, so important to system design, are inelastic in the west but relatively elastic
in the ... the impli- cation is that, because of the small total ex- penditure on water, income effects
of ... Elasticity is also closely related to the financial impact of a price change on the utility ...

Price elasticity of residential demand for water: a meta‐analysis

M Espey, J Espey, WD Shaw - Water resources research, 1997 - Wiley Online Library
... Models using cross-sectional data for one time period do not yield statistically different price elastic
estimates than those that used time series. ... Page 5. ESPEY ET AL.: PRICE ELASTICITY OF
RESIDENTIAL WATER DEMAND 1373 ... Income -0.50* (-1.96) -0.02 (-0.02) -0.19 (-0.53) ...

[PDF][PDF] Price elasticities for water: a case of increasing block rates

RB Billings, DE Agthe - Land Economics, 1980 - JSTOR
... Billings and Agthe: Price Elasticities ... during winter months each year (cents per 100 cubic feet),
Y = personal income per household (dollars per month), and W ... inclusion of a large number of
such households would result in an underesti- mation of the price elasticity of demand ...

[PDF][PDF] A discrete/continuous choice approach to residential water demand under block rate pricing

JA Hewitt, WM Hanemann - Land Economics, 1995 - JSTOR
... choice model produces price elasticity estimates near -1.6, which are much more elastic than
previously ... 1 First, the objective of most empirical studies is to determine the price elasticity of
the ... The vir- tual prices and income defined by [12] are used in the conventional ordinary ...

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